The truth in each story reveals the characteristics that build a character.

We can understand that truth but is it part of the Hero or the Bandit?

Maybe the story just needs recording to:

  • Make sure some deeds are not forgotten.
  • Share and Calibrate with Peers not near.
  • Inform Different Generations.
  • Provide Entertainment.
  • Make a Confession.
  • Record for Posterity.

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  • Stories should be first hand accounts of individuals either yourself or somebody else… a ‘friend’.
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  • This is not a grammar contest for judgmental types.
  • This may not be a polite place but it is about respect.


Where do you calibrate your ideas and experiences as lone character. Popular culture turns everything into a fiction with hype, often hiding the truth and encouraging lies. Told with a single picture but what of the older story with no picture or recordings? Let’s sort through the bullshit and find real examples of a Hero’s Character.

I know a lot of you and you have had some amazing accomplishment of will, patience, focus, determination, bravery and much more that need to be appreciated by all.. Hopefully here you will get some understanding if not agreement on those personal characteristics you supported even if only in your own mind. Certainly you will likely find understanding for those thoughts, interests and desires that you may hesitate to express in public or to your wife. The distance you normally set between your inner and outer world can be smaller on this site as we look into a modern man’s motivations and try to characterize a Hero we can at least appreciate if not just respect.


What are the tales a BorH remembers to tell?

The tales reveal a guy outside popular media and records, sometimes Bandit sometimes Hero. Motivated to step away from, or keep true, a character of note. Characters worth remembering.

A Story can be about whatever type of person in any situation but it must present some characteristic of the person that you, and maybe others, will in some way appreciate. Even the biggest fuck-up or deviant can have moments of insight, or a personal code they hold to, that forces them to act, or possibly to restrain their excesses.

Every story needs to demonstrate that the Man in it has some enduring characteristic or a moment where he steps out of his usual character, such that the readers must recognize there is at least some glimmer of respect required by us on the sidelines.

It need not be the right or good way as society defines it. It may be the man who turns from society’s standards and sets his own. It may be the man who recognizes his own weaknesses or strengths and finds a compromise in life that includes them without denial preserving what he values.

Almost all heroes are tragic. Things like ‘virtue’ and ‘strength of character’ come in many forms and situations. Life is complex and a man with some characteristic could be a hero or a zero depending on the situation. All virtue is haunted by a shadow emotion or motivation.

It could be: a Soldier a father; a law man or a holy man; a super human or a cripple… in body or in mind. They are all men who can be both a hero and bandit depending on the story or what side of the story you are on. These can be stories from you home, your work, a vacation to the beach or an excursion in lost jungles. Maybe it can be told with a picture or a recording or just a couple of sentences.

I am not sure what this site is to be about. I am not a blogger… but I have a couple of stories about men I remember and talk about.

What is the real character of men that we must pause and take note of? Let’s hear their stories and see if the heroes and bandits we know in reality can paint a clearer picture than what is being sold to us in the media.